6-Year Old Canadian Girl Sends Doll to the International Space Station

Abigail, aged 6 from B.C Canada, dreamt of a doll who loved stargazing and space just as much as she did - from her imagination, to the doll being created, and onwards to the International Space Station – Stargazer Lottie, designed by Abigail herself, will forever be remembered at the very first doll in space!

Sometimes I look up and think…maybe I could go up there one day…or could I somehow see what’s up there” - Abigail, the inspiration behind Stargazer Lottie


Abigail’s idea for an astronomy-themed doll captured the imagination of the Lottie Team when she submitted her design, with the help of her mum, to our Outfit Design Competition. Stargazer Lottie was created in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), and has inspired lots of children to get involved in astronomy and STEM activities - all thanks to one little girls’ idea!


Stargazer Lottie spent #264 days aboard the International Space Station, voyaging alongside British ESA Astronaut, Tim Peak. Lottie's personal mission during her time on board was to inspire children to dream big, and reach for the stars!

The Certificate of Authenticity and the actual Stargazer that joined Tim Peake on the ISS! Photo credit: Dr Niamh Shaw


Abigail has become an incredible role-model herself, scoring tweets about Stargazer Lottie from Tim Peake from aboard the ISS itself, and tweets of support from her hero – retired astronaut and fellow-Canadian - Chris Hadfield!



The Lottie 'Inspired by Real Kids' campaign tells the stories of the girls, just like Abigail, who have directly inspired Lottie Dolls through their dreams and designs – submitting their ideas to us and watching then unfold (in doll form)!


"For Stargazer Lottie's box Abby thinks there should be a telescope, constellations like Andromeda and Ursa Major. She would also like the Earth to appear as it does from space, a meteor shower, the moon, and Venus.” – Instructions from Abigail’s mum, Zoe, on the contents and box of Stargazer Lottie

Astro Adventure Lottie joined Dr Niamh Shaw at the Gagarin Astronaut Centre in Russia for her Zero G flight, and is pictured here with a Cosmonaut Suit!


Stargazer Lottie was the recipient of the esteemed Space.com ‘Little Scientist’ Space Age Award at the New York Toy Fair 2015, who said “This doll was one of our favourite things at Toy Fair, hands down. The creator's mission to get young girls interested in astronomy is laudable, and the doll itself is perfect for a young child first exploring the cosmos”.  Stargazer Lottie also went on to be nominated for ‘Toy of the Year 2017’, which proves that children have the power to create something amazing, just by staying true to themselves and their passion.



Inspiring and empowering kids to be themselves, one doll at a time – Lottie is true to childhood, and the ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ campaign celebrates the remarkable real girls that have inspired Lottie Dolls.


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