Filmmaker behind ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ Campaign honoured as Female Director

Elena Rossini is an Italian filmmaker, producer, editor, photographer and director. Rossini is the director and producer behind our Lottie Dolls ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ mini-video series which launched the campaign at Inspirefest in Dublin in July 2017.



Rossini was recently honoured by her own heroes from ‘Free the Bid’, an initiative guaranteeing women directors equal opportunity to bid on commercial opportunities in the world of advertising. According to their website less than 7% of directors are women – a shocking statistic today! Elena is now listed on their site, to showcase her work!

Since the autumn of 2015, Rossini has been an unofficial ambassador for Lottie dolls, creating films about their empowering dolls – and showcasing them at international conferences.”


The ‘Free the Bid’ initiative was founded by Alma Har’el, who was inspired to ignite change and is looking for others to pledge to join in this revolution.


I’m starting #FreeTheBid so the ad industry can come together and take an affirmative step towards addressing what stops advertisers from working with women directors... We have to start the change right now in the only practical and effective way – let women be heard.



Elena is, and continues to be a huge inspiration as she represents the brand as a #GirlBoss and Lottie Ambassador. We feel that this honour Rossini has been awarded is absolutely well deserved, and we hope she continues spreading Lottie Dolls’ powerful message of Be Bold, Be Brave, BE YOU!



To find out more about Free the Bid, check them out!


Twitter: @FreeTheBid #FREETHEBID

Instagram: @FreeTheBid #FREETHEBID





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Lottie dolls, an Irish doll company who believe that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability and aim to reflect that in their collection. Developed alongside academics in child development, unlike other dolls, Lottie Finn and Friends are based on nine-year-old children, the dolls are therefore relatable to all the elements of childhood – Lottie’s motto is Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!


Six of the Lottie products to date have been inspired by ideas from real children from around the world. When launching Lottie, the vision was to create a range of dolls that would empower children to be themselves, to be imaginative and adventurous and - most of all – to have fun!


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