Meet Allie - The Inspiration behind Robot Girl Lottie & Busy Lizzie the Robot! #InspiredByRealKids

The third instalment of our ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ video series is here! Have you met Allie? She is 12-years old and is from South Dakota in the USA.

Our Robot Girl Lottie was based on Allie and her school science fair inventions, and Busy Lizzie based a robot she made from recycled materials when she was just 6-years old! She is one of the stars of our empowering series which tells the story of the real kids who have directly influenced Lottie Dolls!

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Allie, who also goes by ‘Robot Maker Girl’ or ‘Tech-nic-Allie’, is a true inventor! She does not see problems as obstacles, she sees them as opportunities to learn and create something new! She is now 12-years old but has been inventing since the young age of 6-years old, when she built her very first Robot from recycled household materials.

“Whenever I have a problem then it's really easy to come up with a solution through making something because sometimes it's not just a problem that people have an answer to so you need to come up with it on your own. And it's a really easy way to do that.” - Allie


“My YouTube channel is called "Tech-nic-Allie Speaking" and it's basically a collection of reviews, some of the inventions that I made. And really the inspiration behind it was, I wanted to help other people get into STEM. I feel like I'm sharing my ideas and other people build off of them and then they learn more and I learn more from them, building off of my stuff and it really helps everybody.” – Allie


Check out Allie on Twitter @RobotMakerGirl


Allie is currently a finalist in the 2017 3M Young Scientist Challenge. She entered the competition after encouragement from her science teacher, and her invention is a medical device aimed at children, called the incentive spirometer. This device helps patients improve lung functionality, and kids must use these multiple times a day in hospital - so Allie created her darts game to make this experience more fun for kids, which also records the data for the hospital!


Allie on Robot Girl Lottie & Busy Lizze

“When I saw the finished product, I was really amazed and excited to play with it and excited to build stuff for it. I wanted to build stuff for it like she builds stuff for herself…That's how I play with her.” – Allie

“I think Lottie opens up new horizons for girls through STEM. She's a doll that helps teach kids STEM through fun. Like people can play with her and they would still learn STEM and they can have fun through learning STEM.” – Allie


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Cinematographer: Adam Jungemann
Producer & editor: Elena Rossini (


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