Meet Cadie! The Inspiration behind our Gone Fishing outfit set! #InspiredByRealKids

The fourth instalment of our ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ video series is here! Have you met Cadie? She is now 10-years old and is from Ridgefield, Washington and was the inspiration behind our Gone Fishing outfit set! She is the star of the latest installment of our empowering series, which tells the story of the real kids who have directly inspired Lottie Dolls!


“She just kind of marches the beat of her own drum, and I always really appreciated that about her because she doesn’t let anything stand in her way” – Amanda, Cadie's Mum


Cadence, aka Cadie, is from Ridgefield, Washington in the USA and loves spending time with her Dad in the great outdoors. She got her first fishing pole, which was orange, for Christmas, at the early age of 3-years old.

“One of my favourite things fishing is going down by the river and just seeing all the wildlife around me... and just seeing all the wildlife around me like makes me feel happy and calm.” - Cadie 


Cadie will try her hand at anything, and is a huge inspiration to us at Lottie Dolls for her wide variety of interests and hobbies - if she’s not busy fishing, she will be playing football with her twin sister, or participating in lots of other sports, such as wrestling and baseball!

“My favourite thing is I have somebody to play soccer with. Because she's a really good defender with soccer and we just play soccer… I really like playing soccer outside and I really like just hanging out with my sister.” - Cadie


Amanda, Cadie's mum, heard about Lottie Dolls through an empowering mother's Facebook Group and instantly loved them, calling them “a breath of fresh air from what was the normal market of that type of doll”.


Cadie first picked out Autumn Leaves Lottie, and thus began her Lottie collection! One winter, after a fun fishing trip with her family, Cadie decided to enter our Lottie Outfit Design Competition – and her wonderful fishing design was picked as our winner!

A couple months later we, at Lottie Dolls HQ, contacted Cadie to let her know that we were going to make her design – and our Gone Fishing Outfit was created! Amanda recalls when she heard Arklu had decided to make Cadies’ design

- “I was just so impressed that they took the ideas from the girls that they were catering to, and incorporated them into their toy. I think that's very meaningful and it lets the kids know that voice... their voices will be heard no matter how old they are.”

Cadie loved that Lottie Dolls produced her design -

“When I think of Lottie, I think they're inspiring and fun and just like it's great that they let the kids design the outfits. And let me design an outfit”


Cadie continues to participate in a multitude of sports, and loves to learn and explore: “Some of my role models are Amelia Earhart because she's brave and she explores and Malala because... because she fought for education and I really like education.”


Cadies’ mum, Amanda had this to say about Lottie

“When I think of Lottie doll I think… it's kid appropriate...They have her have a wide variety of interests and I really appreciate that, and I know Cadie really appreciates that, because she has a diverse group of interests as well. And I think that's reflected in this toy. And it's also empowering for her because they do focus on women throughout history that have been an inspiration for young girls.”


Inspired by Real Kids - If there is a budding designer in your life, why not get involved in the Inspired by Real Kids, Lottie Outfit Design Competition



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