What if all Toys were Designed by Kids, not Adults?

Lottie commits to creating dolls that not only kids can relate to, but even design themselves!

Lottie, Finn & Friends have officially committed that all future products will be directly inspired, designed and influenced by children, and we will also be donating 10% of the net profits from products developed through the competitions to charity.

Having recently celebrated their 5th year of business, Lottie is ready to fully make the commitment to create dolls that, not only kids can relate to, but even design themselves! It is incredibly important that kids see themselves reflected in the toys they play with, and diversity and inclusion is at the heart of the business.


Utilising their past success with outfit design competitions, along with already having drawn inspiration from some amazing, empowering kids; Lottie will be running a monthly themed competition to help design future products. Competitions online and in-store were officially rolled-out in September 2017, kicking off with Lottie’s Hidden Figure, the aim of which will empower kids to create what they want to see, be, and play with.


Lottie aims to empower kids to be themselves, one doll at a time. The ‘Inspired by Real Kids competition was sparked from the brand philosophy that children should be heard, today - we love their diverse, quirky and unique childhood centric ideas. Lottie celebrates childhood and inclusivity and will encourage young designers to use their imaginations to create the toy of their dreams, all of which will be made available on the Lottie website as well as in your nearest toy store.

“Before we started our business we did 18 months of research with kids, parents and child development experts, we initially focused on body image and since then we’ve blown away by how perceptive, imaginative and assertive children are today - they are incredible! In 2013, we partnered with Allie after seeing her Maker Faire project to build a robot, together we developed Robot Girl and Busy Lizzie the Robot. We had our first design competition in May 2014 which we did in partnership with “Brave Girls Alliance” to improve the representation of girls in superhero roles and it really caught the imagination of girls around the world. We asked the girls also to include what those superpowers might be and the written responses were really empowering.” - Lottie Dolls MD, Ian Harkin, stressing how important inspiration from children has become to the Lottie brand.


Photo Credit: The Creative Life Show

“It fully aligns with my values and mission, especially when it comes to girl empowerment and pushing back against unconscious bias… I see girls as real-life superheroes. Their superpowers? Curiosity, creativity, confidence, generosity, fearlessness, positivity and a big, bold vision. Never ever underestimate the power of girls.” - Elena Rossini, the filmmaker behind the Inspired by Real Kids mini video series


Watch our Inspired by Real Kids Campaign here:


The company invites families to participate on our website where they can enter their designs and become the next Lottie inspiration as well as in their local participating independent toy stores. 12 products will be launched per year, following the monthly themed ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ competitions.


#InspiredByRealKids - Our Company Commitment to Childhood Empowerment!
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