Wildlife Photographer Mia is making the news!


We’re beyond delighted that the story of our wonderful doll - Wildlife Photographer Mia – is being shared, worldwide.  



Mia wears a cochlear implant but this is just part of her story. A keen photographer, the Mia character is also on a mission to encourage children to take an interest in nature and wildlife!



Mia was created in partnership with #ToyLikeMe, a UK non-profit who campaign for diversity in the toy-box and for better representation of disabilities so that differently-abled children can see themselves reflected in the toys they play with.




“This Mia doll is my childhood dream come true,” says Rebecca Atkinson, of #ToyLikeMe, who wears hearing aids herself. “I’m so happy, I’m like a kid at Christmas! I hope it will help many deaf children grow positive self-esteem to see their experiences included by the mainstream toy industry.”  


See more about the launch of Wildlife Photographer Mia on The Limping Chicken – the world’s most popular deaf blog! Mia also featured on “Your Morning” on Canada TV as a celebration of diversity!


Lottie Dolls celebrated their 5th anniversary this year by announcing that, going forward, kids will be contributing to the design of every new toy via a monthly design competition. For more information visit www.lottie.com/clublottie and enter our Inspired by Real Kids Competition, here.


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